Emotions affect every facet of our life.   But what are the modalities of such influences ? And how can we accurately assess emotions ?

EMOSPIN offers to explore the emotions

In recent years, manufacturers have noticed that «our emotions play a major role in our purchasing decisions»

So how to assess the emotional weight of this component in purchasing behavior and uses? This is the challenge that we have been entrusted for over 15 years by notorious names in the cosmetics and food industries. In partnership with specialists in psychology and neuroscience, we are able to explore pleasure and wellbeing associated with the use of skincare products, make-up, perfumes or tasting a glass of wine.

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                                  WHY EVALUATE EMOTION?                                            -Emotions influence consumer behavior and decision making:          Emotional Design Measures                                                                           -To generate an emotional link between consumers and product -Avoiding costly failures when launching new products and services  

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